Tom Parker?

Hmmm, good question. What to say? Well, I’m Tom, but you’ve probably already gathered that, unless you’re a slow reader, in which case, you should gather it about….   now.
I live with my lovely girlfriend Sarah out here in the wilds of North West Wales, where I pass my time messing about in boats and drinking tea.
This little slice of the web gives you a chance to find out a bit about what I get up to and hopefully boosts your work avoidance time and gives me a chance to share my chit-chat with all and sundry.
If you are curious at this point about the lack of information about train times, you’ve probably typed this address in by mistake. I can only wish you luck in your search…


One response to “Tom Parker?

  1. toby's evil twin

    When you coming out to play? Absinthe available, two plus metres of rainfall a year, mountains and a river called the Styx.

    Bring a carry system and a creeker.

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