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Crikey! A new post…

I know it’s been a bit quiet on here recently. What with heading to India and Tajikistan last Summer, the winter was one of staying in the UK and working. However, the summer’s here again and the first stop on the list was, where else, Piemonte in Northern Italy. We rocked up just in time to miss the Val Sesia River Festival, which was pretty typical. Anyway, rather than go on about it all to much, here’s some pictures to give you a flavour of what we got up to….

Tom Parker. Gronda. Pic: SN

Beep Beep! Pic: SN

Nick ‘Johnny Three Hats’ Horwood. Pic: SN

Luke Farrington for England. And it’s a Running Bomb! Pic: SN

More boofy goodness on the Gronda. Pic: SN

Stay posted, it’s Norway next…


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