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Means Of Production 2 – Gala Premiere

After extensive filming, editing, arguing and pots of tea, the long anticipated sequel to Mal Bilbow’s seminal kayaking film ‘Means Of Production’, ‘Means Of Production 2 This Time It’s Personal’ had it’s Gala Premiere in Leeds one chilly late November evening. Well over 100 priviledged souls descended to see the film in it’s HD glory before heading to Tiger Tiger to hotenanny into the wee small hours.

Max, the man of the moment.

The world’s most glamourous roadie.

‘I know Kung Fu.’ ‘Show me…’

And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids…

Sorry, words escape me with this one.

Keeping the sponsors happy…

Words escape me here too.

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All pics by Paul Wilkinson. Chcek out more of his stuff at


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