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A simple plan…

Leave France, drive to Switzerland, go kayaking.

Verzasca. Pic: CE.


Varallo. Pic: CE.


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Deja Vu…

With a certain inevitability, I found myself enjoying a fry up while watching the sun rise over the White Cliffs of Dover before embarking on the long haul down to France, the first stop in the summer programme of courses and boating. Now, obviously, this part of the trip had all the traditional elements of a trip to the Haute Alpes, which can get a little ‘samey’. So, ‘Me Mate’ Dave and I, along with Sepp, our German comrade, hatched a plan one day to try something a little out of the ordinary – the Cevreyette.

Marvellous fun and well worth a look if you’re in Briancon early in the season.

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