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It’s a tough job…

5* White Water. Cracking rivers, sunshine. Why would you consider going to the Tees?

Yours Truly. Upper Morriston. Pic: Mark French.

Fran Kohn. Pic: TP.

The Upper Morriston – quite a lot like Norway. Pic: TP.

Dinner. Smashing. Pic: SN.


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Tibet – The Final Forks of the Tsangpo

In September 2009, Chris Eastabrook, Lowri Davies, Stu Martindale and myself are heading out to tackle two of the remaining tributaries of the mighty Tsangpo, one of the 4 rivers emanating from Mount Kailash, home of the gods according to Hindu scriptures. Things are picking up pace – visas are nearly sorted, funding has been secured from the Sports Council for Wales and the BBC are keen to broadcast our adventure to the masses.

Over the coming months, I’ll be keeping you up to date on our progress, as well as giving you my own perspective on the derring-do sure to come, proving that in this ever shrinking world, adventure is there for the taking…

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