Falling Down #3

Kittlebreaker Falls, upper Raundal, Norway.

Back to Norway once again with Luke Farrington, one of the UK’s young guns, chatting about his descent of this sporting number last July…

Kittlebreaker Fossen is located at the top of the Raundal near Voss, on a tributary to the Raundalselva  itself. Upon first inspection from the road bridge the only realistic line is down the centre-left between two splitter rocks. However, this is helpfully hidden from clear view when inspecting from the bank.

With some deliberation and exploration to find a good view of the line and the lead in, I decided the fall was good to go and carried my boat to the top. With the thumbs up from my boating pals, I launched and headed for the guarding hole which marked the top of my line. I punched through the hole, stopping for a moment on the tow-back to make some last moment corrections; started down the entry ramp and descended into the haze of mist. See mopmovie.co.uk for some great footage of the run.

Pic: SN



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2 responses to “Falling Down #3

  1. I trust you survived without breaking your kittle?

  2. Jack McDonald

    Hi. Nice kayaking. You guys should come up to Trondheim and visit me for some kayaking. Got a first decent if your interessted:) And you know about the Forra river, grade 4-5.

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