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Falling Down #3

Kittlebreaker Falls, upper Raundal, Norway.

Back to Norway once again with Luke Farrington, one of the UK’s young guns, chatting about his descent of this sporting number last July…

Kittlebreaker Fossen is located at the top of the Raundal near Voss, on a tributary to the Raundalselva  itself. Upon first inspection from the road bridge the only realistic line is down the centre-left between two splitter rocks. However, this is helpfully hidden from clear view when inspecting from the bank.

With some deliberation and exploration to find a good view of the line and the lead in, I decided the fall was good to go and carried my boat to the top. With the thumbs up from my boating pals, I launched and headed for the guarding hole which marked the top of my line. I punched through the hole, stopping for a moment on the tow-back to make some last moment corrections; started down the entry ramp and descended into the haze of mist. See for some great footage of the run.

Pic: SN



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Falling Down part 2

#2  The Rizzanesse. Corsica.

Part 2 of the series sees Dave Fairweather talking about his descent of this iconic fall in 2006.

“So, I guess I should man up and go first then.” It was a relief to hear Tom say that; it was looking for a moment there like I might have to resort to cheating at ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ again. For a straight forward drop with a run in that couldn’t be easier, there’s something intimidating about this drop, the way the vertical walls on either side close in mess with perspective and give it the impression of being a fair bit taller than its 10 meter height. There are two lines, the traditional line on the right is essentially a seal launch down the rocks, but that’s no way to treat a kayak, the other line is the vertical drop of the left, into water that’s just deep enough. In the interests of public safety, come my turn, I tested this ‘just deep enough’ theory by pencilling as hard as I could into the bottom and then landing on my head. Thankfully the video camera stopped working at precisely this moment. Note: tuck forward to avoid a flat landing, but tuck too early and you’ll land on your head. Don’t try this at home, go to Corsica and try it instead.”

Pic: TP.


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Falling Down

Start getting yourself keen for a summer of boating action by checking out this series, showcasing some of Europe and the UK’s finest waterfalls.

#1 Nosebreaker. Raundalselva. Norway.

A classic chunky Norwegian drop which first acheived notoriety after Brad Ludden’s descent in The Mothership Connection, Nosebreaker features a tricky lead in to about 10 metres or so of flight. The trick is to let the curler push you left on entry. If you try and drive up onto the curler, you lose speed, clip the right hand wall and run the whole lot backwards. For video footage of that escapade, check out the closing credits of Means of Production (

Pic: SN.

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