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Summer – the Omnibus edition

Just in case you missed what was going on, here are some smashing images of my travels over the summer, in glorious technicolour.

Uganda. Pic: DB.

Pimping it up in Norway.

La Belle France. Pic: PW.

I love it when a plan comes together… Pic: PW.

Flower. Pic: SN

Speed. Pic: SN

Pic: DB



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Tom’s Guide to Getting the Horn…

Step 1: Select a suitable purveyor. There are lots of charlatans and ne’r do wells out there, so don’t rush into anything.

Reconaissance is everything. I scan what’s on offer. Note the use of sunnies to preclude any unwanted eye contact.

Step 2: The negotiations. Once you have selected a stall that has the type of horn you are looking for, you need to enter into negotiations surrounding the price.

The bartering process. Only those with nerves of steel will be rewarded. Note the testing of the merchandise and the cheesy grin to put the stall holder at ease.

Step 3: Sealing the deal

After a true clash of the titans, the deal is sealed with the traditional handshake and I leave, thoroughly satisfied  with my rather impressive horn.

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