Gone west…

With work done and pimping out of the way for another year, we headed west. The first stop was Sogndal:

Luke Farrington lining up for the third drop of the famous combo on the Sogndalselva. Pic: SN.

Moss doesn’t gather on a rolling stone so, in true Mick and Keef style, we moved on pronto. Our next stop – Voss.

Esconced in our now traditional base at the bottom of the Myrkdalselva, we headed out to tackle some of the area’s finest…

Max Bilbow. Myrkdalselva. Pic: SN.

Tom P. Strondalelva. Pic: CF.

Luke Farrington tackling Kittelbreaker Falls – not bad for a first trip to Norway. Pic: SN.

Sadly, all too soon, our time in Norway came to an end. 24 hours of the North Sea beckoned.

The League Against Tedium. Max enjoys a spot of Bingo in Stavanger. Pic: SN.


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