You can have it your way…

The time had come to head for Slovenia, famed for it’s pristine white water. We made the trek across Italy and spent a few days hanging about in the Soca Valley. Then it was time for the big trek – Norway.

The following pics sum up the drive…

The thousand yard stare. Pic: SN

Sarah passing the time. Pic:SN.

After days on the road, albeit punctuated by a couple of days in Goteborg visiting friends, we reached Sjoa. If a picture paints a thousand words, here’s a 5000 word essay on our time in Sjoa…

Tom holding Tim off in the Super G slalom. Pic: SN.

Sean and Tim. Store Ula. Pic: SN.

The odd trip out of the valley. Tom and Luke. Ulvaa. Pic: SN.

Another successful ‘Discover Norway’ trip. Max demonstrates the line. Lagen. Pic: SN.

More runs of Amot than you can shake a stick at! Pic: SN.

Don’t miss the next instalment – things hot up as we head for Voss…


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