Staying out for the Summer

A welcome spot of sunlight in Val Sesia. Pic: SN.

Well, it’s been a while since my last update. I’ve been to Morocco but Dave’s already told you all about that – check out for the pics and so on. Anyway, now for a veritable cornucopia of summer fun as Sarah and I recount our summer travels – firstly, La Belle France…

Tom P on the Sermenzina. Pic: SN.

Well, I say La Belle France but, due to genuinely massive water levels in Les Haute Alpes, the local prefecture slapped an interdiction on all white water sports in the region. However, all the rain and snowmelt meant that the rivers of Piemonte were still working a month later than normal so all and sundry headed for Val Sesia.

Eventually, back in France, the rivers dropped from ‘epic’ to merely ‘high’ and slowly, everyone headed back in time for the next event – Slopejam and the Student BoaterX…

Tim ‘The Power’ Trew throws the Green Machine down. Pic: SN

Doubts had initially been expressed about water levels but the Fournel dropped down to a chunky level for this new style event where reputations could be broken or broken.

A suprisingly large number of people showed up for the event. Pic: SN

Particular highlights included Tim Back-Hammering the Green, Tidy’s smooth Pan Hammers, Jonny Davies nailing off the lip Kickflips, the last one sans deck and Hick ‘The Huck’ Norwood swimming after loudly proclaiming that ‘It wasn’t as good as Norway…’ Karma in action.

The Student BoaterX, on the slalom course at L’argentirre, has been going from strength to strength and this years’ hotly contested event was no exception. Controversy abounded in the veterans event as to whether Mr Westgarth had touched the top banner, with a lengthy steward’s enquiry eventually finding in Simon’s favour.

Sara James involved in some argy bargy. Pic: SN.

The spoils of war. Pic: SN.

The event turned out a success, with a shed load of the cream of Britain’s academia gathering in a rare bout of French Alpine sun to race, watch and get drunk. Bravo!

On a final note, the rain did provide some benefit. Just as sciences such as medicine, IT and countless others make huge advances during times of conflict, the oft-overlooked science of Tarpology made huge leaps forward.

Luke, Tim and Emily engaged in some serious Tarpology. Pic: SN.

With these developments, sogginess while camping is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Coming up next time – the journey continues as we head to Slovenia and Norway…


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  1. Great stuff sounds like you had a blast. Keep it up Cheers, Cominco

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