Safe. Tea First

The BCU Student Safety Initiative – working hard to stop university canoe clubs breaking freshers since 1842.

Easter weekend saw the traditional migration north for the Student Safety Camps in Roybridge, with the now stalwart crew of Max Bilbow (What would he do? Answers on a postcard please to: Mr Justin Tramwhicket, 102 The Buildings, Prestatyn. He doesn’t know the answer but he’d like a postcard or two as no one ever writes to him), Adam Dumolo, Chris ‘cool, calm and collected’ Eastabrook and myself enjoying plush new lodgings in Roybridge, only 10 mins from the pub.

Buttscratcher!? Pic: GS

With a near capacity crowd, the boys were under pressure. Tom was feeling the strain:

Me. Looking knackered. Pic:TL.

To continue the impromptu ‘game of two halves’ style of narration, the boys played a blinder…

WoopWoopWoopWooop! Pic: TL

To finish on a happy note, much tea was consumed:

Tea. Lovely. Pic: TL

And some excellent feedback was received:

Feedback in action. Pic: GS.

Many thanks to Sara, Andy, Luke and Matt for crashing on our floor and having a right old laugh (although the kitchen was a state), Max, Adam and Chris for giving it 110%, everyone who made the party excellent, particularly the accordion/guitar duo and the bloke who wedgied me and, finally, all you lot who came along and got stuck in.

For more info on next year’s course and the safety seminar at Plas-Y-Brenin in October, check out: or email


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