Here Comes the Summer!

Hail storms in Bangor at the moment have certainly got me thinking about the summer! So much so, I thought I’d let you know what trips and courses I’m running so you can start thinking about booking up a spot of summery, sunny boating. Enjoy…

Skills courses:

Foundation White Water

16-17/Aug/08 – North Wales – £150

White Water Progression

23-24/Aug/08 – North Wales – £150

Steep Creeking / Freeride

8-9/Mar/08 – North Wales – £150

18-19/Oct/08 – North Wales – £150

Welsh Creeking. Pic: AT.

BCU Star awards:

4* WW Kayak Training

09-10/Feb/08 – North Wales – £150

5-6/Apr/08 – North Wales – £150

20-21/Sep/08 – North Wales – £150

4* WW Kayak Assessment

26-27/Jan/08 – North Wales – £150

23-24/Feb/08 – North Wales – £150

19-20/Apr/08 – North Wales – £150

25-26/Oct/08 – North Wales – £150

5* WW Kayak Training

19-20/Apr/08 – North Wales – £150

4-5/Jun/08 – French Alps – £150

16-17/Jun/08 – Austrian Alps – £150

11-12/Oct/08 – North Wales – £150

22-23/Nov/08 – North Wales – £150

5* WW Kayak Assessment

9-10/Jun/08 – French Alps – £150

19-20/Jun/08 – Austrian Alps – £150

Inspecting L’ange Gardien during a 5* Assessment. Pic: TP.

Coaching awards:

Level 3 Kayak Coach Training

9-10/Feb/08 – North Wales – £150

Level 3 Kayak Coach Assessment

17-18/May/08 – North Wales – £150

4-5/Oct/08 – North Wales – £150

Rescue 3 International Courses:

White Water Rescue Technician

15-17th Feb 08 (North Wales)

14-16th Mar 08 (North Wales)

11-13th Apr 08 (North Wales)

26-28th May 08 (French Alps)

06-08th Jun 08 (French Alps)

12-14th Sep 08 (North Wales)

Cost: £200 Revalidation £100

Safety – not just a word… Pic: SN.



Nestling just beyond the old Iron Curtain, Slovenia’s Julian Alps provide the setting for Europe’s premiere White Water learning destination – the Soca river.

Beautiful crystal clear water and plentiful rapids make this an ideal location to hone your river skills and our top class staff will ensure that you get the most from your time here.

Price: £700Dates: 02-07/July/2008

Bovec, Soca Valley. Pic: SN.


Norway is one of the most visually stunning countries in the world, full stop. The western fjords, from where the Norse sailed forth to plunder Northern England will leave you speechless and the central mountains of the Oppland have a poetic majesty.

Add to this some of the world’s best and most accessible white water and you have the recipe for an exceptional experience.

This year, we’ve teamed up with the guys at Liquid Satisfaction to offer you the opportunity to discover the myriad white water options Norway has to offer.

Price: £700Dates: 09-15/July/2008

Al Kommer til Norge! Pic: NH.


Ecuador’s whitewater is some of the most stunning – but accessible – in the world. If you’ve got a sense of adventure then Ecuadorian paddling is the perfect tonic for the UK winter, offering reliable warm weather boating when Britain’s at its grimmest.

Our guided trip will take you to the two main boating centres in Ecuador. The high Quijos valley is like nowhere else on earth, with condors circling above your head and extinct volcanoes forming your horizon. The headwaters of the Rio Napo, near Tena, will blow you away with world class whitewater in lush tropical rainforest.

Our guided trip takes all the hassle, unpredictability and guesswork out of paddling in South America. We’ll organise your accommodation, airport shuttles, food, internal transport connections and, of course, river guiding down some of the world’s best whitewater.

Date: 01-15/December/2008


Loading up for another mission. Pic: TP.

Check out for more info or to book a place…


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