That was the year that was #3

Continuing the popular series on some of last year’s highs and highers, things hot up as we hit the Alps…


A bit of boating, a bit of drinking and a bit of work. In that order.

I freely admit, I was very, very drunk…’ Pic: TL

Slovenia and Austria

2 weeks spent working with Hull Uni CC. Well, you say working…

Pics: SN.

You can have it your way… In Norway…

After 3 days on the road, I finally reached Sjoa. The next 3 weeks saw epic water levels, a sucessfully run ‘Discover Norway’ trip (see for more details), Jam, cheap suits, parties and some great boating.

15 year record levels made for excellent playboating
on the Sjoa. Pic: TT.

Monty, the hardest working car in kayaking. With a GPS that gives speed in Knots and
position in longditude and latitude. Pic: TT.

Max overcome with joy at his new boat arriving. Pic: TP.

The man who used to be Tim Trew nailing it on the Brandsetelva. Pic: NH.

‘Crikey!’ Pic: NH.

‘Does my bum look big in this?’ Pic: TT.

The author pimping it up, despite having ‘hat envy’. Pic: EAS.

So, to conclude this instalment, consider these pearls of wisdom;

Norway is a long way from everywhere, ‘Trevor’ is an excellent name for a beer, never accept rugs from others, as you don’t know where they’ve been until it’s too late and the ‘Local Stuff’ will soon be available at your local too.

Join us next time as we reach the final furlong and have a quick round up of the autumn…


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