That was the year that was

Introuducing a series offering a wry look at some of the social highlights of 2007. Today, cowboys, injuns and the NSR!

Last New Year, Mr Laws hosted a shindig on his folks’ farm in Westbury Sub-Normal, darkest Somerset. Drinking, dancing, drinking, boating, cake etc…

Jem and Dave with a giant French Fancy. Mmmmm, creamy. Pic: TL.

Party Mitch, Ange and Chris. Pic: TL.

New Year’s Day was spent filming promo footage for the NSR.

Dave getting into character. Pic: TL.

‘I’m not paying you to stay dry!’ Max camps it up a bit. Pic: TL.

Thwack! The stuntmen Alex and Chris indulge in a pagga, western style. Pic: TL.

All this approximate wild west fun was to promote the NSR, probably the biggest freestyle event in the UK, which was also loosely based on the wild west. Yehaa!

Dave screwing around to take gold in the squirt event. Pic: SN.

The crowd giddy with anticipation. Pic: SN.

Sara marshalling the crowds. Pic: SN.

Jules and Dave. Whistful melancholy and comedy facial hair. Pic: SN.

Pic: SN.

What have we learnt from this? That cider is not to be trifled with, hay bales are tougher than they look and that a big ginger beard does not repel the ladies…

Coming up next time – Student Safety soap dodging and more shameless topic recycling as we go creekio Italiano!


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