Dagenham’s Finest

A milestone was reached in motoring history yesterday as the famous ‘Tom Parker Van’ reached 100,000 miles on the clock. The van has been a senior player (some would say THE senior player) in the burgeoning coaching outfit created by Mr Parker causing many to stop Tom and say ‘Were you at the Tryweryn last weekend? I saw the van but didn’t see you.’

The van is no ‘stay-at-home’ though, broadening it’s horizons with trips to destinations from Slovenia to Norway.

Sadly, the van was unavailable for comment, as it was busy heading to Runcorn to pick up a load of boats.

Always a grafter, early starts never fazed the van. Pic: DF.

On the road in Norway. 2006. Pic: SN.

On a mission. Italy 2007. Pic: DF.

The Momentous Occasion. Pic: TP.



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2 responses to “Dagenham’s Finest

  1. George

    Your so sad!!! Still dry up there then??

  2. The “On the road in Norway. 2006” picture – the long line of traffic behind her indicating……

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