Pyranha Shiva – a short video

After a week in Spain and Portugal, here’s the promotional video for the new Pyranha Shiva. Edited on a ferry. The wonders of technology…


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Vaniljesaus – it’s here!

For your viewing pleasure…

Vaniljesaus, a film by Nick Horwood and Finn Burrows. Enjoy…

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Vaniljesaus – The Final Countdown…

The new magnum opus from Nick Horwood and Finn Burrows, charting our adventures in Norway this summer, is nearly ready! Here’s a little teaser to brighten up your Monday Morning…



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The locals call it Nord Norge…

Another tough day in the office. Pic: Mike Brewer.

After another successful TPC steep creeking trip ( and the hilarity of the Sjoa Kayak Festival, it was time to head north. Proper north. We’ve always talked about it but inertia has always set in but this year we managed to get it togerther. First stop was Hatfjelldal (hatmountainvalley), a mere 9 hours north of Sjoa…

The Amusingly named ‘Dusjboof’ on the Upper Susna. Pic: Hugh Graham.

Hatfjelldal is a smashing area for boating, bag loads of rivers packed in a small area and plentiful wild camping.

Camping in Hatfjelldal. Pic: NH.

After a few days, Nick and I headed back to Sjoa to pick up Sarah and Emma, while the rest of the team headed north to a farmhouse that some friends were kind enough to let us use.

Jasper suffering the mind-numbing boredom of Norwegian roads. Pic: Sarah Tebb.

The farmhouse, in Beiardalen, north of the Arctic Circle was lovely and we spent a few days there checking out the Beiauga and it’s tributaries. Acouple of particular gems were the Grautauga and the Tverrauga. The Grautauga was smashing fun class 3, whereas the Tverrauga involved a few km walk to this sort of thing:

Finn Burrows launching into the Minitron. Pic: Hugh Graham.

The Minitron was the highlight of the run but it was jam-packed with excellent slides and finished at a lovely swimming spot, which was nice.

Check out for the trailer of

Vanilla Jesus, a short film by Nick Horwood, charting our northern adventures, coming soon to the internet.

Finally, a massive thanks to the Heggems for letting us stay at their farmhouse!

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Crikey! A new post…

I know it’s been a bit quiet on here recently. What with heading to India and Tajikistan last Summer, the winter was one of staying in the UK and working. However, the summer’s here again and the first stop on the list was, where else, Piemonte in Northern Italy. We rocked up just in time to miss the Val Sesia River Festival, which was pretty typical. Anyway, rather than go on about it all to much, here’s some pictures to give you a flavour of what we got up to….

Tom Parker. Gronda. Pic: SN

Beep Beep! Pic: SN

Nick ‘Johnny Three Hats’ Horwood. Pic: SN

Luke Farrington for England. And it’s a Running Bomb! Pic: SN

More boofy goodness on the Gronda. Pic: SN

Stay posted, it’s Norway next…

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Means Of Production 2 – Gala Premiere

After extensive filming, editing, arguing and pots of tea, the long anticipated sequel to Mal Bilbow’s seminal kayaking film ‘Means Of Production’, ‘Means Of Production 2 This Time It’s Personal’ had it’s Gala Premiere in Leeds one chilly late November evening. Well over 100 priviledged souls descended to see the film in it’s HD glory before heading to Tiger Tiger to hotenanny into the wee small hours.

Max, the man of the moment.

The world’s most glamourous roadie.

‘I know Kung Fu.’ ‘Show me…’

And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you pesky kids…

Sorry, words escape me with this one.

Keeping the sponsors happy…

Words escape me here too.

Pre-order yours now from (special price up until xmas)

All pics by Paul Wilkinson. Chcek out more of his stuff at

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The Lower Rauma

After years of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I ended up in the right place at the right time.

Tom P.

Finn Burrows.

Hugh Graham.

Finn Burrows.

Tom P.

As Hannibal Smith would say; ‘I love it when a plan comes together…’

Pics by SN.

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Paddling in the Shadow of Sonomi

You may remember me posting a while back about a forthcoming trip to Tibet. The bad news is we’re not going any more. Turns out the Chinese want all the tea in China for you to boat there.
So, we’re off to Tajikistan instead! One of the former soviet republics, with bag loads of boating in the Fann and Pamir mountains.
To find out more about the trip, the team and our progress, visit

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Confusio en el jungle – adventures in Mexico

Tom P enjoying the Big Banana, Rio Alseseca. PIC: Pete Wood.

I went to Mexico recently. If you get the chance, so should you. For more stunning images, head to

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A Day in the Life

7.10 am. Tea.

8.00am. Drive.

10.30am. Gamlan.

1.15pm. Goedal.

7.00pm. Ale.

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